Beaches of Fort Myers & Sanibel

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Southwest Florida offers a treasure trove of vacation spots, with The Beaches of Fort Myers and Sanibel being one of the most valuable gems of the bunch. Lying on the Gulf of Mexico, this popular destination boasts all the warmth and allure that Florida has to offer with a rich and diverse history unique to this area. Stroll along sandy white beaches famous for their bounty of seashells, visit the Edison and Ford Winter Estates and see wildlife up close with your very own eyes,

Fort Myers is easy to spot with its Spanish Colonial influence, historical sites and delicious culinary delights. This social hub draws tourists in annually with its peaceful beaches and luxurious natural environment. Stop by the original Chico's to buy a new summer dress before exploring the area. Nearby Sanibel Island offers plenty to do and see with its fine dining, shopping and unlimited offering of natural landscapes and outdoor activities. The adventurist, outdoor enthusiast, nature lover, shopper and foodie will all find something to see and do here.