St. Andrews & Fife Region

Why You Should Go: 

To go to St.Andrews for the first time sends shivers down your spine, a tingling in your hands as you drive into town,  its not just the scenic Scottish Coast,  the quaint countryside, past country Inns that are hundreds of years old or the castles that seem to appear in your review mirror,  it’s the sense that you have arrived.   Golf has been played on the hallowed grounds of St.Andrews since the mid-14th Century, where Kings and Tigers have strolled along the fairways, those exact steps, those same nasty greens and pot bunkers in front of you, is what they had to contend with as well.  It’s why you have a sense of fairplay, sportsmanship, where the rules and etiquette originated in this game.   To play the Old Course is a sense of pride and accomplishment to a golfer,  to experience St.Andrews and its entire town, night and day, in the golf shops, club makers, pubs and the 20 other great layouts nearby, it all envelopes to one common theme,  a Love of the game.  Experience it now.